Rightfrog Productions is a boutique production company that specializes in creating and promoting authentic branded content on the internet. We solely specialize in creating short format documentaries or “mini-docs” that draw in consumers to help them understand your brand while keeping them engaged and educated.

OUR LATEST WORK - Qui's New Tasting Room Is Open

Working with the staff at Qui, we created a launch video for the opening of their new Tasting Room.

Shot on the Sony FS-700 at continuous 2K 240fps RAW with the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q. The beginning of the shot was sped up 1000% in post to get it to 24fps and then ramped down as the paper maché cat exploded, then ramped back up at the end for the reaction.

The entire piece was constructed in Adobe After Effects CC 2014 to retain the RAW image quality and incorporate the graphics. We used LUT's to do our initial color grade on the S-Log footage and then used Magic Bullet Looks to create some subtle color effects. Cropped to a 2.35 aspect ratio for the final render.